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The Ocala Sportsman’s Association (OSA) raises non-tax-deductible contributions in support of a wide range of firearm-related public interest activities of the Ocala Sportsman’s Association and other organizations like the NRA that defend and foster the Second Amendment rights of all law-abiding Americans. These activities are designed to promote firearms education and safety, to enhance marksmanship skills, and to educate the general public about firearms in their historic, technological, and artistic context in a safe, family-friendly facility.  

This training benefits individuals, including children, youth, women, individuals with physical disabilities, gun collectors, hunters, competitive shooters, and supports and assists law enforcement agencies in their firearms training. 




The range will be open Monday through Saturday (Range is closed on Thursday for special training and/or maintenance) from 9:00 A.M. to 1⁄2 hour before sunset. On Sunday, the range will be open from 1:00 PM to 1⁄2 hour before sunset.  Don't forget to check the Calendar & Events page for special events and print yourself a monthly calendar for your refrigerator door.


20 Locust Track, Ocala, FL 34472

Approximately one mile east of Candler, just north of Highway 464 (Maricamp Road).


  God Bless Our Troops!


Meetings are held at 2 PM on the second Sunday of March, June, September, and December.
Please attend and support your club!


Come one, come all to the SECOND OSA swap meet Sunday September 14th, in conjunction with the Quarterly Membership Meeting!

The gate will open at promptly at 10:30 AM, and the swap meet starts promptly at 11 AM and runs until 2:00PM when the general meeting starts.

The swap meet is open to OSA Club Members only. There will be NO commercial vendors allowed.

Bring anything gun related, including ammo, that you want to sell, BUT ABSOLUTELY NO GUNS WILL BE ALLOWED on display or for sale!


Of course, you can bring a flyer with pictures of any guns that you want to sell, and then sell them at your own home.

OSA is not providing anything for sale; this is all by members for members.

Remember to bring your own display table (or blanket) and chair. No items will be displayed under the shooting roof. That area is reserved for members to get out of the sun and listen to the quarterly membership meeting, which will start at 2 PM.

Chef Ray is back for an encore performance and will supply and serve burgers, dogs, salad, and drinks, so bring your appetite. Donations are accepted, and volunteers wanted and needed.

Donate to Help Build a Rifle Range at OSA

Collected: $2,057.50
Goal: $20,000.00

Click to get $10 off on joining NRA or renewals, and you will be helping out our club!


Ocala Sportsman's Association is proud to provide our facility for the training and certification of Marion County Law Enforcement

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